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Arnold Construction Co. is Kelowna’s premiere custom home builder. Our approach to construction management is to bring our experience, knowledge, and industry awareness to each project. This combination ensures that each project comes in on time and budget, no matter the size. We oversee every detail of our new home builds and renovations, making sure the client experience is flawless from inception to completion.

Why Choose Arnold Construction When Building Your Next Custom Home in Kelowna?

Our reputation speaks volumes.  You can have confidence that we will act in good faith and fulfill our commitments to you.  We know building a new home in Kelowna is one of the biggest, most overwhelming projects one can take on in life.  We are consistent in our performance, deliver on time, meet quality standards, and provide consistent customer communication.   See what our customers are saying about us below.


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Arnold Construction has been serving the Okanagan since 2012. Providing premium materials and craftsmanship, ensuring a superior result every time.

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What we do

We oversee each and every detail for all of our projects, making sure the client experience is seamless  from inception to completion.

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Why Arnold

We provide exceptional service and communication through every stage of the build process. Find out why Arnold Construction is right for you.

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Arnold Construction has the resources to seek out the most premium materials and craftsmanship in the Okanagan Valley, ensuring a superior result every time. We assist homeowners in sourcing labour, materials, site-planning, design supervision, city permits, engineering and anything else required to make your project succeed on time and on budget.


Construction Management

Construction management allows for a strong client relationship resulting in the most refined process and execution possible, while remaining budget-conscious, and maintaining client involvement to ensure optimum project completion results. Our insightful advice comes from years of hands on experience in the construction industry.  This experience allows us to manage and interview the best sub-trades and ensure that work on your project is completed properly, timely and at a fair price.

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Our Satisfied Customers

  • Ryan & Jennifer
    We were one of Jason’s first Kelowna custom home build projects when he moved back to the area. We have built a few new homes in the Kelowna area and always went with the typical big name builders. While they were mostly great, we knew that we really wanted a more personalized level of service for our next project that the bigger companies just can’t deliver on anymore. We were nervous to get started, because it was a really big and complicated project, but once we broke ground and saw the level of detail and careful thought that went into Jason’s work we were beyond happy we chose his company. The build went just as smooth as any other home build project with the added benefit of regular communication. Jason was almost always on site and if you’ve ever built a new home before then you know this is rare! We stayed on track and the home was completed in 12 months as promised – even though we made significant changes during the process. We are still loving the home to this day 6 years later and nothing has broken down or needed repair and I can’t say that about the other homes we’ve built. I would definitely hire Arnold Construction again and would highly recommend them for any construction project you are considering.

Drop us a line with details on your next renovation or construction project. We look forward to hearing from you soon.